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Little Simz’ ‘Drop 6’

Little Simz—Drop 6—Age 101

On her new EP titled Drop 6, Little Simz (Simbiatu 'Simbi' Abisola Abiola Ajikawo) solidifies her place as one of the UK’s most talented entertainers. She left us hungry after 2019’s GREY Area, and Drop 6 does a wonderful job satiating us while simultaneously leaving us craving more.

Simbi makes hiphop for people who aren’t necessarily into the genre. Her music is continually aware of the hellscape in which we live, where tomorrow is promised to no one. I believe that for this reason, Simz doesn’t waste a damm second on this 12-minute project. On the opener ‘might bang, might not’ she’s already 10 words deep by the 2nd second. The opening cut reminds us that this is one of the meanest and most agile MC’s in the game who is deserving of your respect.

one life, might live’ offers a theme for the project with the lyric “It’s a trap if they say they want you to be the same.” This track also ponders the importance of self-love.

damn right’ finds her effortlessly swimming over a gnarly trap beat intertwined with an eastern string sample while casually lamenting on her place in the industry.

you should call mum’ serves as a timely meditation on our collective mortality amidst this pandemic: “If you see death as the next chapter can you die twice?”

The bare-bones instrumentation on the closer ‘where’s my lighter’ allows Simbi to really explain what her musical mission is in one of the most self-aware rap-cuts

I’ve heard in ages. She reflects on her duty to speak truth to power and to take care of those close to her. She hauntingly closes the EP’s final verse with the passage:

“In this world we need balance.

I’m here nurturing my talent,

focusing on my next masterpiece,

breaking my back to make sure my family eats.”

The Drop 6 EP reminds listeners that Little Simz is one of the most empowering, steadfast, cerebral, and provocative musicians of our time. This EP is recommended for fans of Noname, $uicideBoy$, Injury Reserve, & Quelle Chris.


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