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Mac Miller’s Posthumous ‘Circles’

Mac Miller—Circles—Warner

I’ll keep it light and let the music breathe. This is everything it needed to be. Mac wears his heart on his sleeve, and is truly baring his soul here. Music was undeniably his outlet.

What I appreciate the most with the album is the general lack of voice modulation and autotune (excluding a few instances where subtly it works). Certain words and sentiments are swallowed throughout because they must’ve been hard to say.

The first and likely only posthumous release from Mac Miller is a self-aware, intimate glimpse into the mind of an artist manifesting struggle. It exudes a quiet, creeping optimism.

Knowing what we know, this is lyrically genuine and often eerie. Jon Brion underwent a daunting task by finishing the record up post Mac’s passing, and he absolutely aced it.

Choice Cuts:

‘Blue World‘, ‘Everybody’, ‘Hand Me Downs’, & ‘Once A Day’.


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